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When a seasoned craftsman has stories to tell...

Last month, Brian Levine of podcasted a two-part interview with Julius and Rob Vesz of Vesz Pipes.

Julius, who is 87 and still crafts pipes daily, and his son Rob, who runs the business, reminisce on several subjects, like Julius' arrival to Canada, how he became a pipe maker, and some of the "celebrity-turned-friend" encounters throughout his time owning a pipe shop.

The feedback from the show was fantastic from those who have known Julius and are in possession of several Vesz Pipes, to newcomers who quickly jumped on our website and purchased a pipe after the airing of the show... one thing for certain, they will not be disappointed with their new smoke.

And just to cap off the interesting interviews, there are a couple of wonderful Jazzy recording renditions with Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong.

Click here to listen to episode 425 and episode 426 of the show.

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